Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Blessing Today

Ok, I am as bad if not worse than Melissa when it comes to being patient. I am glad I read her post before I wrote my drivel. I guess I wish I didn't read it as it only highlights that I write drivel. But I have decided to begin logging the blessing of the day. I may need to blog earlier in the day since I am pretty sure there were good things that happened in the morning, but tonight was a bill pay night and if that doesn't color your day, nothing will.

My blessing today - I got to visit with an old friend. His name is Floy Ezell and he was the very first City Manager Grapevine ever had. In fact, all six of us are still alive. Floy reminds me of all of my Dad's brothers rolled into one. He stopped by to tell me he'd miss me and that I was getting ready to do what he had wanted to do. He and his wife had about 29 acres in Denton County and he'd go there and work the land. He found his refuge there. He built a barn but never built a house. He was waiting until later, but his wife died and he couldn't bring himself to complete their dream without her. So, he sold the farm and stayed in Grapevine.

Why do I consider my visit with Floy a blessing? Because he is a link to the past for Grapevine City Managers. He is a genuinely nice man who has done what I do and understands Grapevine and the job. Because he reinforced for me that now is the time to go to do what we are doing because there is no guarantee there will be a tomorrow. It was a blessing because Floy is a friend of mine and I enjoy visiting with him. I have very few friends because I have never trusted that the person wanted to be my friend because of who I am instead of what I do. With Floy I do not have to worry about it. More Floys would be good for the world.


The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting. It's seems that's all we've done lately.

Waiting on a closing date.

Waiting on a buyer to find this wonderful house.

Waiting for the Kidney Foundation to pick up the junk we didn't sell.

Waiting for people to pick up the things they're buying from us.

Waiting in traffic while running errands.

Waiting in line at busy grocery stores,

Waiting for this, waiting for that. We're not terribly patient people. (Notice, we have Faith, Grace, Claire whose name means light, and Joy. No Hope and no Patience. There's a reason for that.) You might expect that with 8 kids we'd have learned patience, but we haven't. We tend to be spontaneous and just do things when we think of them. Either that, or I plan, plan, plan ahead. You can't plan when there are so many unknowns. But that's another subject.

We want to live in a place where life has a slower pace. We can't wait to get there! Ironically, it's that slow pace that makes us have to wait.

We know that God's timing will be the best. We have to remind ourselves of that every time we have a baby and are waiting on the birth. He makes ALL things beautiful in His time. We keep reminding ourselves of that now. We can handle all the work ahead of us. It's just the waiting that's the hardest part.

But we're not praying for patience. We're praying for things to get done!


Monday, May 30, 2005

Watching Paint Dry

Touch up painting is a never ending job. Use paint color super white on a wall that looks super white and wait for it to dry. Super white dries and it turns out it was not the original paint on the wall, that wall was ultra pure white. Repeat process with the remnants of ultra pure white. Nope, the wall was actually painted with ceiling paint several years ago when you realized it was easier to do the corners at the top of the wall if you used the same color on the wall and the ceiling. At least it is done. Kinda late in the day, but it was a day at home and that was good.

I check up on work e-mail from home and in the last month or so every e-mail makes me sorry I check on it while I'm at home. It seems that a fun run started in the wrong place this morning and one of the people that live near the starting point is very upset. Tomorrow I will deal with it, tonight I am going to write this entry and then sit on the sofa watching a weird movie with Melissa. ABC Family/Lifetime/WE are all bad signs and tonight it is ABC Family. We aren't going to have DISH when we move to the farm. This will be much better as there are few things worth watching anyway.

In addition to painting I read about beef cattle. Lots to learn, none seems to be too difficult. There are finer points that have to be learned, but the basics I already know - feed them, kill them or sell them to people that will kill them, eat them. It is the straightforward nature of what we're headed to that is appealing. Where a fun run started, that is the little junk that I just want to get away from. I am guessing from the letter that it started where it was supposed to but the person didn't like any little bit of disturbance. That's fine and a part of life, but what gets me (in the end it got to me too much and so we are headed to the country) is that people feel they have to make virtually everything worse than it really was/is in order to get something done. So, we spin our wheels, research the situation and often times find out it was a load of crap and we either can't do anything or won't because the choice for cities is invariably between one person's comfort versus the comfort/benefit of 100's of other people. Harsh? No, it is just reality.

Oh, we aren't on ABC Faimly anymore. Now its Miss Universe 2005, live from somewhere with a big Mickey Mota Tiara for the winner. Can't wait to not have TV. The Super Bowl will be a tough day, but that'll just be one time a year. I'll be fine, don't worry about me.

Done rambling.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Make New Friends But Keep The Old

You know how you have a friend you would like to spend more time with, but you're trying to finish this or get through that or whatever is on your to-do list before you call? Don't wait.

To all our friends who want to get together with us before we move: We'll try. We'll honestly try. I have always had the philosophy that I'm never too busy to spend time with my friends. I still feel that way. I just also know the clock is ticking and I have things to get done before we go. We don't know when we're leaving yet--which is incredibly difficult for me--but we do know we're going and we need to be ready.

We have things to pack and things to clean and I still need to homeschool the kids. (I've thought about taking some time off school to move, but if I do that then I'll feel I can't take time off later. 2006 is an even numbered year. We've had a baby every even numbered year since 1990. I may not be pregnant now, but it could happen anytime and then I'll want some time off for sure. ;-) Wouldn't that be an incredible thing to add to our list of blessings?!) So my days are half taken just with homeschooling. Then there are things like meals that take another bite out of my day. I hold the baby a good portion of the day and can't really pack then. Plus I really want to find some time to sew and design my webpage so I can get my new sewing business started. I guess I'm trying to do too much at once. I'm looking forward to our being settled in one place so we can focus on that instead of trying to be two places at the same time.

What I'm hoping is that our friends will understand that just like you, we only have so much time in our days. We really want to visit with you, but we may not have time to drive around everywhere. I spent 3 straight hours just driving around the other day. The metroplex is a big place and the kids had activities on opposite sides of Grapevine. The kids who didn't have activities and I were quite frustrated at having to spend so much time just driving around so others could socialize. Selfish, aren't we? Think of all the packing I could have done in 3 hours though!

So give us a call or come by and see us and help us pack. We're going to miss you and would love to see you again before we go. Just please understand that we may not be able to make it over before we go.

And keep in touch! We will still have email you know!!


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Busy Getting Rained Out

Sorry no post yesterday. I know it reduced our readership from me and Melissa to neither one of us. Gotta keep our counter rolling along, but it was a tad busy. Aside from the everyday life of raising kids and running a City we had a showing right at 5 and had to get ready for a moving sale today. No time to write. Went to bed early and went to sleep pretty fast. Good thing too seeing as how we had to get up before 5 to get the crap we wanted to sell into the yard. Good thing too since by waking up early and getting to work we were able to be fully committed with tables and junk in the yard and signs all over north Grapevine BEFORE the rains began. Mostly it rained the whole time. I did manage to sell two broken mowers and a broken chain saw. We also got rid of a hideous vase that was a wedding present from my first marriage and the stoneware from that marriage. We also got rid of the ugliest coffee table in the world. Not a lot of money in being Fred Sanford, but the joy of seeing your crap going home with other people is priceless. Tuesday the rest gets picked up by one of the charities in the area and packing will begin for real.

Yesterday, in addition to getting ready to have a sale and showing the house Melissa got an e-mail from one of the people in the homeschool business that she really admires. Not just that, but she'll be by the house tomorrow to see if she wants to rent it from us while we are trying to sell. Melissa is pumped and I am happy for her.

So, the list of blessings just grows for us. We got twice the land we set out to get, we got a stick built house, Melissa gets to meet one of her heroes, I got to quit my job, we both get to spend more time together on a new (to us) farm.

Now we just need to sell the house and my Suburuban. Both will happen. Melissa is great about the sale. I want a contract now. Yesterday would be better. When I get all hyper about the lack of a contract - afterall we have shown the house three times already - Melissa reminds me that God's timing will prevail and it will be perfect for us. I wish for a faith like that. I'm feeling like Job, but when I hit a lucid moment, which is about three to four minutes of my day, I realize my fears and concerns are irrational and perhaps just the devil screwing with my mind. Fine, I'll wait (like I have a choice).

So, where are we in getting to Coleman? Nowhere, man. We still have over a month's worth of commitments to settle here even without taking the sale of the house into account. I want to get out there and get going. Maybe next weekend. I had hoped for it to be this weekend, but we still wait to get the closing scheduled. That is really just one call away from happening, but not knowing when that call comes is also an annoyance. I want to control it. I want to get going. I want to move. So I wait on others. That really won't change with a farm. I will wait on rain and crops and preganant cows and eggs to hatch and chicks to grow. So I just have to grow some patience. This will also take time.


Friday, May 27, 2005

May 26, 2005

Let's catch up.

Melissa and I are getting ready to leave the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to homestead in Coleman County, Texas. I have given notice at work and there is no turning back. The house is for sale, but not sold, we have yet to close on the farm because we have had trouble with scheduling. We are planning to raise chickens, cattle, fruit trees and bees. I expect to have to come up with some kind of job off the farm to put food on the table as we will be draining savings to make capital purchases. Still no tractor. Still no animals other than the eight chickens we have. So, we are stepping out in faith and we'll see where God is taking us.

This morning I bought a Remington 12 gauge shotgun and a Remington .270 rifle. Tomorrow I will proabably buy a Marlin .22 for teaching the kids about gun safety and how to shoot.

We spent about 90 minutes with a couple that wanted to meet us tonight to talk about what we are doing as it is their dream to do what we are doing. More to the point it seems that she wants to more than he does. We understand as we have had the same sort of waffling between us over the years. It just all came together at once for us. The hand of God was at play and later we'll write about all of the ways that He has directed our path.

For now, it is time for me to go to bed.