Saturday, May 28, 2005

Busy Getting Rained Out

Sorry no post yesterday. I know it reduced our readership from me and Melissa to neither one of us. Gotta keep our counter rolling along, but it was a tad busy. Aside from the everyday life of raising kids and running a City we had a showing right at 5 and had to get ready for a moving sale today. No time to write. Went to bed early and went to sleep pretty fast. Good thing too seeing as how we had to get up before 5 to get the crap we wanted to sell into the yard. Good thing too since by waking up early and getting to work we were able to be fully committed with tables and junk in the yard and signs all over north Grapevine BEFORE the rains began. Mostly it rained the whole time. I did manage to sell two broken mowers and a broken chain saw. We also got rid of a hideous vase that was a wedding present from my first marriage and the stoneware from that marriage. We also got rid of the ugliest coffee table in the world. Not a lot of money in being Fred Sanford, but the joy of seeing your crap going home with other people is priceless. Tuesday the rest gets picked up by one of the charities in the area and packing will begin for real.

Yesterday, in addition to getting ready to have a sale and showing the house Melissa got an e-mail from one of the people in the homeschool business that she really admires. Not just that, but she'll be by the house tomorrow to see if she wants to rent it from us while we are trying to sell. Melissa is pumped and I am happy for her.

So, the list of blessings just grows for us. We got twice the land we set out to get, we got a stick built house, Melissa gets to meet one of her heroes, I got to quit my job, we both get to spend more time together on a new (to us) farm.

Now we just need to sell the house and my Suburuban. Both will happen. Melissa is great about the sale. I want a contract now. Yesterday would be better. When I get all hyper about the lack of a contract - afterall we have shown the house three times already - Melissa reminds me that God's timing will prevail and it will be perfect for us. I wish for a faith like that. I'm feeling like Job, but when I hit a lucid moment, which is about three to four minutes of my day, I realize my fears and concerns are irrational and perhaps just the devil screwing with my mind. Fine, I'll wait (like I have a choice).

So, where are we in getting to Coleman? Nowhere, man. We still have over a month's worth of commitments to settle here even without taking the sale of the house into account. I want to get out there and get going. Maybe next weekend. I had hoped for it to be this weekend, but we still wait to get the closing scheduled. That is really just one call away from happening, but not knowing when that call comes is also an annoyance. I want to control it. I want to get going. I want to move. So I wait on others. That really won't change with a farm. I will wait on rain and crops and preganant cows and eggs to hatch and chicks to grow. So I just have to grow some patience. This will also take time.


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