Sunday, May 29, 2005

Make New Friends But Keep The Old

You know how you have a friend you would like to spend more time with, but you're trying to finish this or get through that or whatever is on your to-do list before you call? Don't wait.

To all our friends who want to get together with us before we move: We'll try. We'll honestly try. I have always had the philosophy that I'm never too busy to spend time with my friends. I still feel that way. I just also know the clock is ticking and I have things to get done before we go. We don't know when we're leaving yet--which is incredibly difficult for me--but we do know we're going and we need to be ready.

We have things to pack and things to clean and I still need to homeschool the kids. (I've thought about taking some time off school to move, but if I do that then I'll feel I can't take time off later. 2006 is an even numbered year. We've had a baby every even numbered year since 1990. I may not be pregnant now, but it could happen anytime and then I'll want some time off for sure. ;-) Wouldn't that be an incredible thing to add to our list of blessings?!) So my days are half taken just with homeschooling. Then there are things like meals that take another bite out of my day. I hold the baby a good portion of the day and can't really pack then. Plus I really want to find some time to sew and design my webpage so I can get my new sewing business started. I guess I'm trying to do too much at once. I'm looking forward to our being settled in one place so we can focus on that instead of trying to be two places at the same time.

What I'm hoping is that our friends will understand that just like you, we only have so much time in our days. We really want to visit with you, but we may not have time to drive around everywhere. I spent 3 straight hours just driving around the other day. The metroplex is a big place and the kids had activities on opposite sides of Grapevine. The kids who didn't have activities and I were quite frustrated at having to spend so much time just driving around so others could socialize. Selfish, aren't we? Think of all the packing I could have done in 3 hours though!

So give us a call or come by and see us and help us pack. We're going to miss you and would love to see you again before we go. Just please understand that we may not be able to make it over before we go.

And keep in touch! We will still have email you know!!


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