Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Blessing Today

Ok, I am as bad if not worse than Melissa when it comes to being patient. I am glad I read her post before I wrote my drivel. I guess I wish I didn't read it as it only highlights that I write drivel. But I have decided to begin logging the blessing of the day. I may need to blog earlier in the day since I am pretty sure there were good things that happened in the morning, but tonight was a bill pay night and if that doesn't color your day, nothing will.

My blessing today - I got to visit with an old friend. His name is Floy Ezell and he was the very first City Manager Grapevine ever had. In fact, all six of us are still alive. Floy reminds me of all of my Dad's brothers rolled into one. He stopped by to tell me he'd miss me and that I was getting ready to do what he had wanted to do. He and his wife had about 29 acres in Denton County and he'd go there and work the land. He found his refuge there. He built a barn but never built a house. He was waiting until later, but his wife died and he couldn't bring himself to complete their dream without her. So, he sold the farm and stayed in Grapevine.

Why do I consider my visit with Floy a blessing? Because he is a link to the past for Grapevine City Managers. He is a genuinely nice man who has done what I do and understands Grapevine and the job. Because he reinforced for me that now is the time to go to do what we are doing because there is no guarantee there will be a tomorrow. It was a blessing because Floy is a friend of mine and I enjoy visiting with him. I have very few friends because I have never trusted that the person wanted to be my friend because of who I am instead of what I do. With Floy I do not have to worry about it. More Floys would be good for the world.


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