Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting. It's seems that's all we've done lately.

Waiting on a closing date.

Waiting on a buyer to find this wonderful house.

Waiting for the Kidney Foundation to pick up the junk we didn't sell.

Waiting for people to pick up the things they're buying from us.

Waiting in traffic while running errands.

Waiting in line at busy grocery stores,

Waiting for this, waiting for that. We're not terribly patient people. (Notice, we have Faith, Grace, Claire whose name means light, and Joy. No Hope and no Patience. There's a reason for that.) You might expect that with 8 kids we'd have learned patience, but we haven't. We tend to be spontaneous and just do things when we think of them. Either that, or I plan, plan, plan ahead. You can't plan when there are so many unknowns. But that's another subject.

We want to live in a place where life has a slower pace. We can't wait to get there! Ironically, it's that slow pace that makes us have to wait.

We know that God's timing will be the best. We have to remind ourselves of that every time we have a baby and are waiting on the birth. He makes ALL things beautiful in His time. We keep reminding ourselves of that now. We can handle all the work ahead of us. It's just the waiting that's the hardest part.

But we're not praying for patience. We're praying for things to get done!


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