Monday, May 30, 2005

Watching Paint Dry

Touch up painting is a never ending job. Use paint color super white on a wall that looks super white and wait for it to dry. Super white dries and it turns out it was not the original paint on the wall, that wall was ultra pure white. Repeat process with the remnants of ultra pure white. Nope, the wall was actually painted with ceiling paint several years ago when you realized it was easier to do the corners at the top of the wall if you used the same color on the wall and the ceiling. At least it is done. Kinda late in the day, but it was a day at home and that was good.

I check up on work e-mail from home and in the last month or so every e-mail makes me sorry I check on it while I'm at home. It seems that a fun run started in the wrong place this morning and one of the people that live near the starting point is very upset. Tomorrow I will deal with it, tonight I am going to write this entry and then sit on the sofa watching a weird movie with Melissa. ABC Family/Lifetime/WE are all bad signs and tonight it is ABC Family. We aren't going to have DISH when we move to the farm. This will be much better as there are few things worth watching anyway.

In addition to painting I read about beef cattle. Lots to learn, none seems to be too difficult. There are finer points that have to be learned, but the basics I already know - feed them, kill them or sell them to people that will kill them, eat them. It is the straightforward nature of what we're headed to that is appealing. Where a fun run started, that is the little junk that I just want to get away from. I am guessing from the letter that it started where it was supposed to but the person didn't like any little bit of disturbance. That's fine and a part of life, but what gets me (in the end it got to me too much and so we are headed to the country) is that people feel they have to make virtually everything worse than it really was/is in order to get something done. So, we spin our wheels, research the situation and often times find out it was a load of crap and we either can't do anything or won't because the choice for cities is invariably between one person's comfort versus the comfort/benefit of 100's of other people. Harsh? No, it is just reality.

Oh, we aren't on ABC Faimly anymore. Now its Miss Universe 2005, live from somewhere with a big Mickey Mota Tiara for the winner. Can't wait to not have TV. The Super Bowl will be a tough day, but that'll just be one time a year. I'll be fine, don't worry about me.

Done rambling.


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