Sunday, June 19, 2005

2nd Best Father's Day Ever

What a couple of days this has been. Stephen and Faith and I went to the farm yesterday and got some things done. Faith put in doorknobs and dead bolts, Stephen mowed a very high and very large yard. I ran the weedeater and the yard looked good when we left. We also got the house measured as well as the windows and ceiling heights, so the stuff our AC guy needs is ready and we can get that designed. I got the layout plugged into our CAD program and last night I think I even got us to where we know what we’ll do when we remodel. Not too much wall movement and I even figured out a third bathroom. The one thing that did not happen was setting off the bug bomb. From all the dead bugs in the house it looks to me like there have been bug bombs before.

We also found out the electricity was turned off. That kind of threw us off for tomorrow. We were going to get out there and get after vacuuming and carpet cleaning. Instead I am going to have to go and get the electricity turned back on. I hope they can give me a feel for when they’ll get out there to it. I am hoping that being out in the country the meter will get set within a day.

That was yesterday. Today was Father’s Day. I did not get a tie, book or golf balls. Melissa has ordered three pairs of Key Imperial overalls for me. They are not here yet. But that’s okay as I got a great present from the best Father’s Day gift ever. Today was Faith’s 11th birthday. Eleven years ago Father’s Day fell on June 19th also. This morning at church we were just sitting there and Faith went up front and sang a solo. She sang ‘You Raise Me Up” and it was wonderful. Since she had to sing at both services the two of us stuck around until she did her deal at that service and she and I went to El Fenix. Then the two of us went to see my parents. What a great day, the second best Father’s Day ever.

This afternoon I got the trailer loaded and Sam’s room is now cleared out with the exception of a rocking chair and his crib. Tomorrow, Mitchell and Claire will go with me to Coleman and we’ll unload and try to get our electric service set-up. Then we will turn around and come back home.

Man, what is happening to the Spurs?


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