Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bad Hair Day

I had a bad day. I'm having a hard time putting this down because I don't want to be negative. I keep writing and deleting. But I've finally decided to go ahead and just share it.

I was home with 3 of our kids almost all day. They are sick. Everyone else got to go do something "fun." (Six Flags for some and working with Roger at the farm for the others.) I had some fun with the kids and did a pretty good job not feeling sorry for myself.

Then Roger came home and I found out he wasn't able to fumigate the new house yet. That bugged me. I was hoping to have it done and then be able to clean everything Monday. But we've readjusted our plans and it will be fine.

Then everyone wanted to go swimming. I stayed inside though because I knew I still had to get to the store and I chose not to have to fix my hair again. These locks have been especially unruly lately and I just didn't want to fight that battle twice in one day. Vanity. But Samuel is one of the sick ones and he was inside with me so I still couldn't get to the store. I had to wait for everyone to finish swimming. A good thing happened though. Samuel was playing near me. He crawled over to me, stood up and hugged me, then went right back to playing. He's so sweet.

I finally got to the store and enjoyed shopping for my daughter's birthday gifts. But the lines were long and slow.

So there was good and bad and I just had a bad attitude for a good part of the day. I feel bad when I can't do anything. Okay, I was doing something, but it didn't feel like anything. I was just holding babies today. I think they're beginning to feel better so that should help. Then again, the nursery worker at church called to tell me they were exposed to chicken pox this week. But that's got a good side too.

Roger and his crew put new locks on the doors, mowed and measured. Roger has a floor plan drawn up of the house now and we've been able to start planning the remodeling of it. That's exciting.

Off to bed now so I can try to be more cheerful tomorrow.


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