Monday, June 13, 2005


Today was the first day of my last week here in Grapevine. No big deal today. I had lunch with my secretary. Charly is going to retire next month. It is the one thing I am sure that I will return for, her party. Charly had been in the City Secretary’s Office before I took her away. She cam on board with me a week after I was named City Manager and the rest has been eight years of fun. Charly is a huge Cowboys fan, which means the last few autumns have been very hard on her. She thinks of Michael Irvin as her son and was up and down with him throughout his troubles. Her other son was Deion Sanders. I might have spelled that wrong, but spell check won’t work on that name.

Anyway, Charly pretty much cried when I told her I was leaving. She was the hardest person to tell because I knew how she would react. So, now she will retire and when we build our guest cabin at the farm it will be available for Charly whenever she wants it. She has been through several births with us – from Claire to Sam. In that same time she was made a grandmother twice, Jake and Emma. Jake came in three months early and is a perfect example of why modern medicine is a great thing. Without it, no Jake coming by to see us and that would be a great loss.

Even with her own grandson and granddaughter, Charly has been wonderful to my kids, in particular she and Clark are good buddies. Clark always has to see Miss Charly and she will sneak him a candy and always remembers his birthday. Among all of the pictures on her desk there is a picture of Clark. In typical fashion, Charly has cut herself out of the picture and has just Clark in a frame on her desk. I have the picture of Clark with Charly still in it and will treasure it for a long time. There are few people that have been as kind and loyal and willing to speak their mind around me as Charly Berry and I will miss her and I will be glad that I got eight years of working with her.


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