Saturday, June 11, 2005

A closing date on the farm -- take 2

We now have a closing date that we think is real. We close Tuesday at 4. The lost heir has been found and has signed the documents he needs to sign. So everything is in place and ready.

Now we can start to plan. Now we can call the utility companies and ask for things to be turned on. I mean, we're willing to rough it for a while, but we would eventually like running water, electricity, and a phone. And now we can begin to think about a moving date and start to really pack. So far I've just been decluttering and cleaning mostly.

I got to sew today. I made a dress and beaded 3/4 of a pair of socks to match. I'm looking forward to getting more sewing done so I can get my web page launched. I love that I now have an excuse to go sew and don't allow myself to feel guilty about it.

We had a discussion the other night about how the chicken eggs get fertilized by the rooster. Clark, 5, was thinking that it was from using fertilizer in your garden. Good thinking, but it wouldn't work. So as we ate dinner I explained about how the eggs get fertilized before the hen lays them. Now Claire understands why she shouldn't let the dog jump on her. She's also willing to make the rooster be nice. This will be a great education for the kids. Somehow it's easier to explain reproduction with animals than with humans. There's less embarrassment involved. Poor Roger missed the whole discussion because he was at a city council meeting. That's probably a good thing. He loves to tell the kids bizarre things. (The boys used to believe that he and I were Jedi knights who retired to have children. And ask him how his brother Jimmy is doing. That's a whole nother story!) He'd have told Clark something like the fertilizer for the garden works and if we plant chickens we get lots more eggs. Or some other such nonsense. Keeps us on our toes!


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