Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A closing date on the farm

We finally have a tentative closing date on the Coleman house! WooHoo! It looks like Friday we can go get started on the farm. I have a box of cleaning supplies ready and I'm working on getting sleeping bags washed and ready. The current plan is to close at 11am Friday and then we'll have the water turned on while we can be there to check on things. The house has been empty for a while and we don't know what we'll find when the water is turned back on. We want to change the locks and probably fix or replace toilets. You can see what our priorities are.

So it's finally happening. We can finally start moving! We have things on Sunday we need to be back in Grapevine for, but we'll spend the night in Coleman Friday night. Then the kids and I have Vacation Bible School next week and Roger has his last week at city hall. We'll spend the weekend in Grapevine for Father's day and then it's off to the farm!

I find my thoughts filled with things like what cleaning supplies to take, what and when to turn on/off utilities. And other such boring details. My thoughts are geared toward creating a new home out there on our acres. I think Roger is much more in tune to what needs to be done outdoors. I'm sure in the coming weeks you can read about all the work that gets done out there.

Meanwhile, I still have children begging to be fed each day, several times a day. So I need to keep that up. Better go feed them some dinner. Joy, the 2 yr old, is beginning to try to start it herself. Yikes!


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