Monday, June 06, 2005

Dog Training Begins (poor Claire)

The training of Bandit with the magical shock collar began this evening. I took the three days to get Bandit used to wearing it and that was easy. Today I started with jumping behavior. Since Claire is Bandits, shall we say, girlfriend, I started with her as the bait. She was a trooper and I was very proud of her. She ran, Bandit chased. She stopped, Bandit jumped, I shocked him. Problem - Bandit was still jumping after the shock. So, we called it off and went inside to increase the jolt in the collar. We tried again. Claire ran, Bandit chased, Claire stopped, Bandit jumped, Claire got knocked into the fence, Bandit got shocked and I felt like crap. No, I felt dirty. I felt like I had sold my daughter out to be beaten up by the dog. She went on and toughed it out and performed a valuable service for the family. Unfortunately, the early results are not very encouraging.

On the brighter side, we have our title work ready and I am thinking we'll have a closing date set by the end of the day tomorrow. We are hoping for a Friday closing which will give us a couple of days to see how it all goes in the heat. I also found out the the squeaking sound in the engine compartment is the engine mounts, not a bearing going out. The instability that the mounts are allowing is causing the clunking sound in the transmission. So, now I am looking at about $250 in engine mount repairs versus $2000 of tansmission repairs. An finally, a sign that our house is at least getting looked at. When I got home today there was a piece of trash in our yard. I went to pick it up and it turned out to be a page from a Mapquest search directing someone from a spot in Fort Worth to our house! No call, but it is the single shred of encouragement that I had been praying for. (I am also aware that it could have been a dry run for violent home invaders, but will hope it is actually home buyers. If no post tomorrow, call the cops.)

So, plenty of blessings today. None greater than getting to be the father of a brave seven year old girl that toughed it out against a dog.


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