Monday, June 20, 2005

A Dove and Two Ducks Walk into a Bar...

I took Mitchell and Claire to the farm today along with two ducks and a morning dove. The birds were set free, Mitchell and Claire had to work with me. The morning dove rode in the back seat of the truck with Claire. When we got there she released him before I even knew she had taken the container out of the truck. He flew away and I asked her if she had named him. She said she had. I asked her his name and she told me she hadn’t decided on that, yet. I guess it is good it was only a bird and not a child.

We ate lunch in Coleman at a hole in wall BBQ place. The tables and such were inside, the smoker was outside and the cook was running in and out throughout the lunch hour trying to keep up with the orders. The BBQ was good and it was one of those places that you see from the outside and wonder if you should go in and eat there. It was apparently fine as we all ate there and none of us are sick.

The enormity of the task ahead of us is settling in a bit. I know we can get it all done over time, but there is still so much to do. There is the buttoning up of things here and trying to get all out there. What to do first is the big question. Remodel inside the house? Chicken coop? Air conditioning? Job search? I think it is chicken coop that we will have to do first. It was pretty hot in Coleman today, but the house was not all that bad and I think we may be able to squeeze some time out before we go ahead and install the AC. I have found a couple of radiator heaters in the house and they could get us through parts of the winter. Remodeling the house will have to come sort of early as the laundry situation has to get sorted out. That is interior priority 1. It should be okay though with a fairly low cost as I will not plan on doing the flooring until later and tile/carpet/wood or whatever is expensive stuff.

Tomorrow we will get packed big time for the farm and head out Wednesday morning. That will give us time to get some things done here that can’t wait too much longer. We will probably not be blogging from Wednesday through Saturday as we will be out there and do not have a connection.


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