Friday, June 17, 2005

The End - The Beginning

Today was my last day at work and it was an odd mix of emotions. I was glad to be leaving for the new life on the farm, but I was sad to leave the people I had come to care about so deeply. One friend came and we talked for about 90 minutes. Neither of us wanted to end the conversation because we knew that after today we would not have the proximity to help us stay close and in touch with each others’ lives. We took a picture and hugged and pretended to be strong.

Saying goodbye to Charly was really hard. She cried and I almost did. Charly had promised the folks in the building I would make a tour on my way out. I made her a liar as I snuck out the back and got in the truck and disappeared.

I expected to be jubilant, but that was not the emotion. There was some sadness to be leaving City Hall, but that wasn’t it either. The best I can do to describe it to tell you it’s like coming home from your last day at work before a two week vacation. You’re leaving the next morning and everything is packed. You have to wait, your kids have to wait and everyone is ready to go. Yet you have to wait because your plans don’t call for an all night drive, just an early start. It is anticipation and a sense of the unknown mixed together with excitement.

So tonight we packed up the truck with the lawn tractor, new locks, the .22, ramps, gas cans and such as Faith and Stephen are headed to the farm with me tomorrow for work on the yard, chicken pen and barn cleaning. We leave at 6 a.m. I would like to be going right now, but that ain’t happening tonight.

Oh yeah, I got a job offer this morning that was pretty intriguing. May look into it further, but I am more interested in the eco devo gig in Coleman.

Off to the farm in about eight hours.


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