Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A First

Today was a great day for me. It may have been the first time since becoming a mom that I got to go to lunch with a friend--without kids. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and enjoy spending time with them usually. But what fun it was to go out with a friend and just visit! Thanks, Karen!!

We spent the day packing again. Tomorrow we get to actually go out there and begin cleaning and unpacking a few things. We spent the afternoon swimming and that was really nice.

Oh, and my CD player in my van had quit working. The warranty covered it so I wanted to take it in before we move. They said they'd have to send it in to get it fixed and then put it back next week. But they fixed it today. That was a big blessing to me because I really like to sing while I drive. It keeps me awake.

Roger is sitting beside me tonight. This is noteworthy because there is a city council meeting tonight. He's not there. I think he's missed one meeting in the entire time we've been married. I had just had a baby and he had to stay home and help me with the kids. He might as well have not been home since his mind was there, but tonight he's all mine.

We're going to enjoy the evening together now. . .


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