Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Not really a closing date on the farm

False alarm. Why should it be simple? We were set to close. I was going to be off and Mitchell was still going to get to go to writing camp and we were all ready to go. I called the title company and found out that there is a missing heir. Of the seven people that have to sign the documents, six are accounted for. The seventh? Well, no one knows where he is right now. Four of the six have given power of attorney to the other two. It is the last of the seven that we are missing and without him, no closing. The roller coaster continues. I should never have prayed for patience.

On the other hand, I had an enjoyable breakfast with a very old friend. I have known this guy since I was about 12 and he was my Dad's intern at University Park. He recently retired and is presently doing a little City work, but came to the realization that he would still be doing the same old thing and just wanted to compare some notes. It was an honor to be asked by someone I admire questions about what I thought and how I came about thinking them. This guy is perhaps one the sharpest people I have ever encountered and could do whatever he wanted. It was a great moment for me and a nice conversation.

Of course, after that was over I had to go to work. Work is a misnomer these days. I went to City Hall and sat around and talked to folks about junk and answered a couple of phone calls. Yipee. Pretty soon here I am going to have to start cleaning out my desk and bookshelf. I have so much crap from the last ten years. A silver shovel from the groundbreaking at the mall. A bunch of wine bottles I do not care about. A hat or two. Some golf trophies. A statue. Gotta get all of those things packed so they can sit in the attic at the new house. Does anyone know the R value of a 25 pound bronze statue? Does anyone read this?

My blessing yesterday? It was my last City Coucncil meeting and I will never have to wear a tie to work again. Also, I had a very fun boat ride with three dear friends and we laughed about the last ten years here. A good time and I will miss these three folks very much.

My blessing today? I guess it was breakfast and lunch with friends and dinner with my family. Three meals in one day is one more than I usually get to have.

No dog training today, Claire was too tired.


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