Friday, June 03, 2005

Party On

No post last night because we were at a party. Some of our homeschool friends threw it for us since we’re going away. It was a wonderful evening. No crying (that I saw) or speeches or junk like that, just food, volleyball, basketball, running around and visiting. Our kids got to see their friends and play until they dropped. We pretty much did the same.

I took Clark and Joy down to the lakeshore and while I am not a big fan of lakes and stuff like that I did feel a sense of loss that this was one of the last times to be at the lake. It has, for over fifty years, been one of the defining symbols of Grapevine. We will be seeing Grapevine in a different way over the next few weeks as we find we can no longer take some of the wonderful things in and about this community for granted. Main Street, convenient shopping, great roads, great parks and a great library are not going to be the norm where we’re going. At the same time, a relaxed life style will be worth the hubbub that we’re giving up.

Another thing that I am giving up is the need to be politically sensitive. You know those lights on Main Street that show up around Thanksgiving? They are holiday decorations for me for another two weeks. Then they will be called what it is right to call them, Christmas decorations. Can I get an "Amen"?

Thursday’s blessing? Our friends. That’s three days in a row now.



Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! I am sorry I missed the party -- we were at the GV Citizen's Police Academy graduation dinner!

I am going to miss you guys -- please keep updating the blog!

Kim S.

The Nelsons said...

Thanks Kim! It's great to know someone is reading these posts. We're going to miss you, too. Stop by and see us sometime on your way to go see Kevin!