Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today's Blessing

Another day, another blessing. Had lunch with a friend of mine. It was nice and we got to talk about work and our kids and the lunacy of things around us. I am finding myself feeling bit of remorse about the move, but not because I am going to where I am going, but because I am leaving behind a few people that mean a lot to me. My friend did make an interesting comment - she told me that she figured I would be back in city management in about four years. I disagree. I am going to be back in city management in a month. Just this time the city will have a population of ten people and nine chickens. The tax rate will be really low, the zero cents the Mayor has always wanted for Grapevine will be in place in Nelsonville. We will grow Nelsonville through the prudent development of pastures and the addition of cows, more chickens and maybe some goats. Maybe a dog, too.

The dog, now here is a non-blessing at work. Our dog is a chicken hater. He kills them when he can and mangles them we can't get the job finished. So, I am having to get after some training on him starting now. Otherwise risk having him kill a chicken on the farm and then having to shoot him. Remember what almost happened to Babe when the farmer thought he had killed the sheep? Bandit would also get the death penalty but without a pardon. Shock collar and beatings will be delivered in the coming days, so if you are one of these people that thinks of dogs as your children, you will want to skip the posts that have the words DOG or TRAINING in the title.


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