Monday, June 27, 2005

U Haul Time

We spent the day packing and loading the truck. We're exhausted. The Grapevine house is much emptier, but not yet empty. We'll need to make another trip.

Joy seems to be breaking out in spots today. Chicken Pox time. Sam should be getting chicken pox for his first birthday. We'll get him something else too though.

Roger's planning to leave early tomorrow in the big truck to beat the traffic. He'll take two kids with him and I'll meet him later with the rest. The plan is to unload tomorrow, return the truck, then get some things done at our new home. We have to be back in Grapevine Saturday through Tuesday. We need to get a chicken coop built in Coleman pretty quickly. The plumber will meet us out there on Wednesday to see if they can find the gas leak. Meanwhile we have no hot water or stove or oven. Cold baths and showers aren't so bad though if you don't have a/c. See, all things work together for good . . .


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