Friday, June 10, 2005

What a day

The roller coaster was going good today. At this moment, Thursday night at about 10:15, we are not going to close tomorrow. The lost heir was found last night and was supposed to call the title company today. He did not as far as I know. However, he did talk to the realtor and is going to go in and sign the docs tomorrow. So, we may still need to go close tomorrow. Then again, he may not show up. We wait. We are so good at waiting.

So, I’m talking to the realtor and he says to me “hey, we have an economic development corporation and we need a new executive director, do you think you’d be interested?” Crimeny. The thing I have enjoyed about work the most has been the ecodevo stuff. So, I at least have a real prospect for when we get to Coleman.

We also came up with a name for the farm/ranch this evening. This is a silly thing to most people, but we wanted to have a name that was interesting and reflected what we are and who we are. Are you ready? Panivino Ranch. In Spanish, pan is bread and vino is wine. So, bread and wine - the elements of communion. It’s also fun to say. PAH-nee-vee-no. Say it with me – panivino, panivino, panivino, panivino. It rhymes with panomino and salibeano.

I also have a new e-mail address – Aunt Helen, if you are reading this, I will still only be writing one liners to you.


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