Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bandit the Guard Dog

An amazing transformation has occurred with Bandit. The dog we were worried would continue, if not expand, his chicken eating ways has become a chicken guard all on his own. We have been keeping him chained up during the day and letting him run free at night, after the chickens were put up. During the day the thought was that the chickens would stay in their area and the dog in his and all would be fine so long as the two did not mix. A few days ago the chickens started breaking out of their area and coming over to hang out by the house. The dog is tied up by the house and was behaving quite well on the end of a chain. He had always done well on a leash while wild as a March hare when running free.

So I was sitting out back reading my Bible and drinking some coffee when the chickens came over to the area around the dog. He was a bit perplexed at first as they were in his space and he made a couple of starts at them. I firmly said Bandit at each of those moves and he broke off any kind of pursuit. In a little while the chickens were all with his reach and he was sitting on the grass watching them. They would drink from his bowl and he’d watch. Mostly, however, they stayed away from him.

Thursday night we let him off his chain while the chickens were still out. After a few nervous moments on my part everything settled down and the dog was playing over by the coop and at one point was drinking from the chickens’ water dish while they were also drinking with him.

We are still keeping him tied up during the day because we like having him around the house and it seems he likes to have us around him, but in the evening as we herd the chickens over to the hen house we let him loose and he runs after the chickens, runs through the tall grass (hops would be a more apt description), explores where ever he can get to and hunts skunk with me. He will eat some of the chickens’ stuff and drink their water every night to get some payback from what they took during the day.

So, the dog we thought we’d have to kill but took a chance on brining out here with us has turned out to be the dog we would want for what we have out here in the country. When he went missing after that first night Melissa prayed that we would have the perfect dog, whether Bandit or some other dog, it seems that God returned the same dog to us with a new way of being.


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