Thursday, July 14, 2005


The dog is now at the farm with us. His first night here he slept under the girls window after he managed to escape from the yard where we thought we had him confined. Last night I locked him up and went inside. This morning I went out to let him loose and he was gone.

Some of us got in the van and drove the roads looking for him and some walked the property to find him. None of us were successful. I was worried that he had succumbed to a rattle snake as a neighbor had run one over on the road in front of our house last night. I was also worried that the dog had tried to battle it out with a car and lost. This was not the case as far as we could tell this morning.

Around noon Faith was watching a pair of turkey vultures circle something and land on the road about 100 yards from our house. The two of us walked over to see what it might be. From the house there was no way to tell where the vultures were landing, only that they were. I was thinking that the tall grass beside the road was prime for a rotting dead dog corpse.

Turns out they were dining on the remains of the rattler killed the night before.

This evening the kids called me out to help as they were certain that they had heard the dog barking from under the house. I looked and did not see him. I was very glad to have not seen him as a moral dilemma would have come up at that point. Do I admit I see him and climb under the house or do I act like nothing was there in order to avoid climbing under. I am hoping that when the lightening kills me in 56 years that I have still never had to climb under the house. My other option was to let one of the kids climb under in my place – they are smaller and more able to maneuver under there – but decided that if the dog is under there I will climb under there. If the dog is dead, I will not climb under there but will instead get a meat hook and pull his body out before he starts to stink up the place. So, there I am looking under the house praying a little prayer that the dog be elsewhere. God answers my prayer. Amen.

After the dog under the house theory is debunked it is decided that we should go to look for him by the creek. This is another lost cause, but I go anyway as my other choice is to go back to tiling the bathroom. (if you ever come out, the bathroom tile job is awful and I know it, but we needed to get the urine soaked carpet removed and the 39¢ tiles will do just fine until the job can get done for good) We went to the creek, no sign of the dog. We walked south, still shouting his name and here he came bounding for joy at the sight of us. He was filthy and we were ecstatic. Even Claire, his love interest, was happy to see him. So we fed him and hugged him and laughed and after it got dark I went and put him in the yard he escaped from last night and we will see if he is back tomorrow morning. If not, the kids will have another adventure to go on – after they are done with their chores.


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