Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hammer Time!

The construction has begun! The garage demo is done and we have the outside walls up. The windows are in place and on Thursday the salvaged siding will go back up on the front of the house until we have run out. I am not too sure about what to do after we run out. The material is a combination of masonite and oriented strand board (OSB) siding. The masonite is the older junk and the OSB is the newer junk. Both materials have a wood textures imprinted on them and at 12” wide. I have not been able to find any in the area. I may have to mismatch the house and steal from the back to satisfy the front and put something else up in the back. I had not wanted to reside the whole house at this time.

Claire says she saw some deer this morning. From what she told me it sounds like two bucks. From what she told Stephen it sounds like a buck and a yearling. I wonder if it is legal to sit on your front porch and shoot deer in the road?

We head back to Grapevine on Friday for Charly Berry’s retirement party. If you ever called me at work and got crotchety old woman on the phone you got Charly. She has been a great friend for the last eight years as my assistant and I miss her out here in the west with no one to keep me up to date on the strength of the Cowboy’s secondary or receiving corps.

After that, Melissa will head to Missouri for her grandmother’s funeral. I will be in Coleman with Joy through Stephen from Saturday through Tuesday. I will probably not blog while she is gone. I will probably crack-up and go so totally crazy as to swim in the stock pond with the leeches and water moccasins.


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Mama26blessings said...

Hi Melissa and Roger!!
Just popped by your blog to say hello!! What a wonderful family you have!!
From one MOMYS to another MOMYS,
God Bless!!!