Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Housewifey thoughts

I have now used my clothes line twice. It was an all day affair the first time because I had a lot of laundry to do. Many things came out stiff, others came out just fine. I added vinegar to the rinse cycle and while it helped to soften things some, it wasn't enough. I'll try adding more next time, but it's mostly just denim that's a problem still. But my denim skirts don't fold up on the bottom like they do in the dryer. Maybe Roger will think I love him enough to starch his overalls and it's a good thing. Hahaha! The first time I used the clothesline I kept thinking about my grandmother. She had just passed away that morning and so it was kind of neat how much the smell of the sheets reminded me of her.

I'm learning a few things about drying clothes on a clothes line:
*Stand up wind of the clothes while hanging them or they'll whip you in the face.
*Don't worry about how you look because the wind and sun will mess up any hair style.
*Wear sunglasses.
*Work fast or the clothes in the basket are dry before you hang them.
*Clothes dry in the sun and wind FASTER than in the dryer.
*Plastic bags over hangers don't last long to hold clothespins. I'll have to sew one with some fabric.
*Wearing a pair of tank tops makes a good "uniform." One that fits tight enough to keep me covered even in the wind and one that fits loosely enough to clip the clothespins to my shirt keeping them handy. And tank tops because I'm not wanting a "farmer tan."

Bored yet?

I'm also learning to cook again--or at least differently. I've learned to make beans from dried beans rather than a can. It's cheaper and that's good. It's also very satisfying to know I spent less and it tastes better. Then tonight I made spaghetti sauce without just opening a jar. It came out pretty good and again saved money. I'm amazed at how much more fun it is to cook when I really cook rather than just heat things. There is such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I took basic ingredients and made something delicious. I should have known this from baking bread, but I always enjoyed baking and never enjoyed making dinner. But now I'm starting to enjoy that, too.

I will enjoy it more when we have a kitchen that isn't an oven, counter space that isn't cluttered up with things that haven't yet found where they belong, and an oven that doesn't take twice the time to bake things. Well, I've used it twice and the first time it was fine, but the second time it didn't. I'm afraid to bake bread now. But my crockpot is my friend.

Doing dishes isn't so bad for me. I'm teaching the kids how to do it and do it right and even clean up the kitchen when they are done. The boys and the girls alternate nights.

Well, off to take my cold bath. I'm still enjoying those since it's still hot. I just have to be sure to do it at night when I'm hot. I just wash my hair in the morning. And did you know that washing your hair in cold water actually makes it softer and shinier? Doesn't help me any with styling though. Too bad. haha!

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