Saturday, July 30, 2005

Some travel and others stay put

Quick trip to Grapevine yesterday for all of us and today it was a trip for Melissa, Stephen and Sam. The three of them will head out to Missouri tomorrow for Melissa’s grandmother’s funeral. Sam is going as I can’t breast feed and Stephen is going to help with entertaining Sam for today’s trip to Grapevine and Tuesday’s trip back to Coleman. The trip to Missouri will include Melissa’s brother, sister and brother-in-law, making Stephen less crucial.

“Why aren’t all of you going?” you ask. Because while we don’t have many animals, yet, we do have animals and they have to be let out and put up and fed. This means someone has to stay. Since someone had to stay we decided that not all of the kids would be making the trip to the funeral. This means the bookends are gone and I have the rest of the kids – the chewy center.

With no Melissa to go with us tomorrow I decided that we would skip church hunting tomorrow and stay here on the property. Faith asked that we go and explore and so we will get up and feed the chickens and eat some oatmeal and head out to the “backside” of the land we now call home. I will have the .38 special with shot shells in case we run into a snake or two and we will walk the entire fence line. I am not at all sure what to do with Joy tomorrow as she will not be able to make the whole walk and we don’t have a stroller for her. I may drive us to the other side of the pond and jump-off from there. I may also give her some Robitussin and let her sleep here at the house while the rest of us go for a walk. I’m just kidding, so relax already.


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