Monday, July 11, 2005

A Tight Fit

Sorry we haven't posted in a while. Still no internet in Coleman (or Santa Anna--turns out our address is Santa Anna now so we can get our mail in front of our house. The Coleman carrier's route stops a ways down the road.) and there won't be until we get some working phone jacks in the house. Right now there's one and it's no where near where the computer will be.

We've now taken 2 truck loads full of stuff and we're back in Grapevine preparing to load the 3rd truck tomorrow. We've been here a couple days now packing and packing and packing. It looks like we'll make our self-appointed deadline and have everything on the truck before we go to the airport to get Stephen. (Our 15 yr old son has been away on a mission trip this week. We've all missed him a lot. God has been watching over him and his group though. There was a hurricane headed straight for Jamaica, but it turned to the right, went around them, and then got back on it's previous path. I'm sorry to those who were hit, but so glad my son is safe!!) So we'll go to the airport to get him, take him out for dinner, then head back to the house, catch the chickens and load them in dog kennels, load the dog in the truck with Roger and Mitchell (if anyone knows me they know I do NOT want to ride with a dog in my van.) and take off for home. We'll leave behind an empty house that has still not sold. I know God is saving it for the right family. I just wish that family would hurry up and find it. ;-) But HIS timing is always best and we're waiting to see what that is.

So we're taking all these truckloads of stuff to the farm and I'm having a really hard time figuring out where to put it all. We had lots of built in storage at the Grapevine house--built in shelves galore, closets, cupboards, etc. And we'll have very little at the new house. I've currently got bookshelves lining the hallway. Not pretty, but it works. The sofas are all in the barn being stored since there is no room for them in the tiny living room. We have three chairs--a rocker/recliner and two gliders--in the living room along with 3 more sets of bookshelves. Then there's a bar from the kitchen to the living room and we have 4 barstools there. That's still only seating for 7, but we have pillows for the floor stashed in a corner.

Our dining room table is huge. It needs to be to seat all of us. We had to find a place where it will fit. The boys bedroom is the converted garage that was called a 3rd bedroom. We had to put our refrigerator, freezer, dining room table and the 2 sets of boys' bunkbeds in that room. It all fits with room to walk through the room still. Thankfully this is all temporary. I think the kids will want some privacy soon.

We're considering buying one window unit to put in the bedroom/dining room/future kitchen just to help us make it through the summer. No a/c is really not bad until around 1pm and then it stays hot until around 5:30 or 6 when it begins to get bearable again. I'm learning to adjust my schedule around that. I wait to do laundry until after I put the kids to bed. Washing isn't a problem, but the heat from the dryer blows right back in the windows and it's too much during the day. One of the many things Roger has to do is set up my clothesline. That will help. I originally just wanted it for diapers, but we'll see. I hate to iron though and clothes dried on the line can be really wrinkly. Maybe there's a trick to that that I can learn soon. But I'm not sure how soon poor Roger will want to tackle the clothesline again. Last time he touched it he ended up getting stung by the wasps that didn't want their housing moved.

The swallows have lost their charm on us. Stephen was getting buzzed by them before he left for Jamaica. With him gone they chose to pick on Roger. We're thinking when those babies are gone, the nest goes too. There were only 2 of the 6 babies still living at home when we left Friday evening. We expect them to be gone by the time we get back tomorrow night. But we'll see. They seemed pretty content to just hang around and be fed.

We got some more cleaning done on the farm house and it's feeling much better to be there. There are fewer spiders showing themselves (but if the spiders we saw are any indication, things will get really big on that farm!) and I've gotten the dust and dirt off the walls mostly. The handprints and "I love Melissa" written in the dust on the bathroom tile is gone, but that's okay. Once we get new hot water heaters, Roger can write me notes in the steam. I think I'd prefer that anyway.

So we're squeezing in and we still have another truckload to move. It will be interesting. The kids are finally understanding why I've been telling them they have too many toys for the new house. And we're getting to go through all the years of clutter we've built up and evaluate what we really need. There's something really cleansing about getting rid of junk. I wish I'd done more of it years ago. I'll be doing more and more as we try to fit in our house.

Lest you think I'm complaining about the size of the house, I'll have you know I think it's great. When I'm in the kitchen, I can hear my children at either end of the house. They are not so far away that I can't keep up with them at all. Plus clean up is much easier because there is less to clean. And there just won't be room for all that clutter to build back up. It just can't. And that's good. I've been told that clutter is one of the main causes of depression in women. I don't know if it's true, but it sure gets me down. I also know that it is feeling really good to get rid of it.

We'll try to update again sooner so I don't have to write a book all at once.

A couple prayer requests in case you'd like to say a quick prayer for us:
*We need to sell our Grapevine house.
*Continued safety from rattle snakes (Claire found one up close in a garden. She was happy that God kept her safe, and is much more cautious outside now.)
*God's guidance to find the right church.
*We need to sell our Grapevine house.



susie said...

You may find that vinegar in the final rinse of the wash will help things to soften in the wind. It won't help a lot, but may be worthwhile. It is supposed to be a natural fabric softener.

Sounds like things are going just peachy!


heather said...

I know it is a year later and you've likely got this all figured out BUT just in case. *wink*

Diapers on a line do get a little crunchy (just like clothes), but I've found that if you place your clothes line in a somewhat shady space you'll fair better b/c things dry slower.

Breezy/balmier days make for softer laundry too.

Double hang prefolds/flat diapers and towels back to back to slow down the drying and everything comes out softer.

Vinegar does help to a degree - also helps seal in color longer.

My husband's daddy grew up in Bangs and recognized Coleman when I pointed him to your blog.