Thursday, July 21, 2005

TV - yes...Blog - no

It has been several days since we have blogged. A combination of busy with farm stuff and we now have a TV. No satellite, no cable, just an antenna, but at least we get to watch the news. We are able to get news from Abilene and San Angelo. We have watched the CBS affiliates from both cities and it is hard to say which of the two was worse. My big complaint is that we watched them on Tuesday and Wednesday nights and it was not until we were watching Letterman Wednesday night that we learned the President had made a nomination to the Supreme Court. How sad is that to learn about a news item from David Letterman. Tonight we are watching the NBC affiliate from Abilene. Not too much better, but at least their early look at weather included Coleman.

Today we began the remodeling and had visitors. Mitchell and I cut down a couple of trees and we began the demolition in the garage. The garage will become a new laundry room that will have the storage Melissa enjoyed in Grapevine and part of the area will become the boys’ room. This, I think, has a lot to do with Mitchell’s willingness to help out. After almost a month he is tired of sleeping in the dining room. Dining room is a euphemism for open room that we are using as a place to eat.

Stephen was in the area Sunday through last night. After he got back from the mission trip he felt led to share a word with his youth group and that happened last night. Today he came home with the Swansons. The boys all played all over the property. Stephen and Shawn went fishing at the stock tank and caught a bunch of perch. Mitchell, CJ and Joshua played games and ran out of gas on their way to the far barn. Faith, not to be outdone, caught a horned toad. The property is thick with these things.

It is nice to have everyone home again.


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