Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another day, another dog

Jimmy and Scout drinking water. 7 weeks old.
Stephen, Faith and I went to Home Depot today to get supplies for the next step in the garage remodel. Okay, we went today because the dog sellers are out on Sunday as well and we were hoping to get another dog. I guess I had been hoping to get a Shepard or a Blue Heeler or a dog that fit the bill as a working dog. Stephen and Faith were just wanting a dog. We got a dog, a seven week old female, black Lab. I was going to name her Karen after my first wife but decided that I didn’t even want to name a dog after her. The three of us decided to name her Scout. This was going to be Bandit’s name before Mitchell pitched a fit and insisted on some other name. It is also an appropriate name for a female as it was the name of the main protagonist, a girl, in To Kill a Mockingbird. (While I did not always pay attention, I did pick up on some of the vocabulary words in English as I knew they might be useful in some trivia contest in later life and thus I was able to use protagonist in a sentence just now.)

Anyway, we got her home and she is now sleeping on the porch with Jimmy and they both seem to be getting along well. We will see how well once there is some dry ground for them to play on and they are more accustomed to one another. All is well for now.

More rain again today. This is something like 14 straight days of rain. I have heard that we’ve gotten some 8 to 10 inches now in August. I know that we have gotten an inch and a half since the rain gauge has been up and that is only since like Wednesday. I forget when it went up, the week has been busy with dogs coming and going, in-laws in town and making salsa. If anyone has a good recipe for salsa, please write to me as I am just winging it and without much success.


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