Thursday, August 25, 2005


We have multiple projects working here at the ranch and we are getting close to turning a bunch of corners. The remodel is in the “omigosh I can’t do the next step until I get the stuff I forgot to do done” phase. The stanchion’s roof is almost complete and it is possible that Stephen will be able to focus on this project long enough to finish it tomorrow. The brooder is at least sited now. The bread making part of our home is in full swing with Melissa making loaves, pizza crusts and rolls with great skill. The deposit has been made for the new water meter which will take us off the low pressure, brown city water and put us on the high pressure brown county water. Herman (our neighbor that has been such a blessing) is helping out with getting the electrical system upgraded from 70 amp to 200 amp. Yes, you read that right, our entire house has been operating on only 70 amps! (For most of us the amperage on our house is as interesting as the chemical reaction that happens when cement cures and becomes concrete. In a nutshell, at 70 amps we would not be able to have an air conditioner or central heat as the blower would be pulling too many amps. Amperes are just a measurement of the amount of current flowing in electricity, the higher the number, the more energy in the line. The higher the number, the more likely you are to die when you touch the wire.)

So, we are closing in on a brooder (now we can order chickens), stanchion (now we get a milk cow), boys’ room (they get out of the dining room), laundry room (the clothes boxes leave the near barn giving me a workshop), better water (now we’ll go ahead and get a water heater) and more amperage (which means central heat and air). Makes your head spin, huh?


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