Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Church, nature, slaughter

We went to a new church on Sunday and have been back each day in order to hear the preacher leading the revival. Would his title be Revivalist? Melissa still has not met her confirmation homeschooler, but it seems that every other way we turn is coming up aces for this church. We also realize that we have yet to hear the Pastor preach a lick, just the Revivalist. He won’t be preaching this Sunday either, so we are going to go and try out he last church on our list and see if it can knock off the current leader.

One of the two new windows on the west side of the remodeled area got put in today. Tomorrow the second window will go and in and it will be time to go to Brownwood to pick up some minor supplies and fill out Melissa’s Wal-Mart list. Once this is done it will be time to insulate and then drywall. I am not optimistic about getting the sheetrock up before the week is out, but I am feeling good about getting the insulation up before Sunday.

Plenty of nature the last few days. Clark and I saw a blue tailed lizard and Mitchell saw a skink. We have averaged a scorpion kill a day for the last week or so and tonight I saw a snake under a barrel but was not able to get to it. I do not think it was venomous from the quick glance I got, but could not confirm.

We also have solved the brooder riddle. We will use the bed of the junked out pick-up truck for a brooder. This will mean a minimal outlay for us at this time and will allow us to get going with the chicken business. We still have not slaughtered anything, so we don’t really know how we will like it. I think it will probably be a bloody, gory experience and we will all laugh about it during some future family gathering as we cook some mammal that we all chased down as a family and killed with our teeth. Hi, Karen.



Anonymous said...

Mammal? I thought the first on the list would be of the flightless avian variety. (See: pickup brooder.)

Hey, I applaud the revival of the hunter-gatherer you've got going here. I've slaughtered chickens for human consumption, mice for hawk consumption, and frogs for biology lab consumption, and the only one that bothered me was the frog. He didn't feed anyone, and gave his life so that we could see that (gasp!) muscles jump with an electric stimulus. Big whoop.

Animals as food: fine. Animals as target practice: morally icky, IMO. FWIW. TTFN!


Leslie Kent said...

You all are a HOOT! I just had to post so you would know that you are entertaining and educating many of us with your posts of country life.

I wish for a pic of your Coleman house, however. Hard to visualize what remodeling/upgrading you're doing without seeing the "before." And the "after" pics will be great! Let us see!

Keep up the good posting. It's fun to check in here every so often and enjoy your humor and slice-of-life commentary.