Friday, August 12, 2005

Friends and Family

What a fun day! My good friend, Kim, from Grapevine stopped by with her kids and we got to visit for a bit. How wonderful to see a familiar face! I still haven't really met anyone at all here. It was especially nice to see someone I've known for a while (6 yrs I think?).

Also, my mother and her husband were in town and we had a great visit. It was nice and relaxing and a long enough visit that I think they got to spend quality time with each of my children. Not an easy feat with 8 of them at once all shouting for Grammy and Grampy at the same time. ;-) She's still grieving over the loss of her mother and I think this was a good visit for her, too.

Meanwhile, Roger managed to get some work done on the siding of the house. He's trying to beat the rain. The forecast was calling for rain again after a couple dry days and he wants to get that done before the rain comes back. It looked to me like he made good progress today. But he doesn't seem as happy about it.

Time was also invested in the search for a new dog. What breed? Is it available for less than a small fortune? Any mutts around that sound interesting? Or should we wait for a dog to find and adopt us? Joy and Sam (ages 2.75 and 1) haven't grasped the reality of Bandit being gone and both have tried to call for him.


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