Saturday, August 20, 2005

I can't believe you wore that!

No one got hurt today! All of the animals are still alive! The remodel of the garage is getting ready to really take off this week with drywall predicted for the end of the week.

Our quick trip to Grapevine went well and we got a room painted and the pool looking good. We also arranged for yard work to get done by a friend (call if you want a reference as he could be on the cusp of a new career here) the house will be shown by Melissa’s sister (again, this could be a new career for her) and I got to hang out with my poker buddies for another evening and lost all of the money I had, which was very little. And the food – in a word – fabulous. We ate Arby’s and Taco Bueno. A couple of joneses that I have not been able to get filled out here in Coleman.

Did our trip to the city mess up our resolve to be in the country? Nope. As we hit Weatherford we got hit with crushing headaches. I think it was a red day in the metroplex. We also got into a load of traffic and weaving drivers trying to get ahead of us as 70 is not fast enough. I can still navigate in it as this is the place where I learned to drive many years ago, but I am not as good at it anymore.

We got some watermelon tonight and spit seeds at the dogs and threw rinds into the future orchard and stepped on scorpions and shook our shoes out and felt comfortable being at home. In a little over 24 hours in the metroplex I saw, perhaps, 3000 people as we drove through town. I went to Home Depot and Lowes twice. I did not see one person in overalls. I am an overall wearer and in Coleman, Santa Anna and Brownwood it does not matter where you go, there will be someone in overalls. And if there was not someone else in overalls, no one would look at you like you were some kind idiot.

There is something about this place that is worth commenting upon that is directly related to the overalls. In the metroplex it sure seems that people care a great deal about how they look. You know how the Japanese are all so polite because to act otherwise would cause great trouble on their crowded island? It seems that there is a culture in the metroplex that all must look good or there will be a great disturbance in the force that keeps the area going. It was, at one time, a Dallas thing. In the late 70’s and early 80’s you really could tell the difference between a person from Tarrant and Dallas County. Now you can’t as Dallas seems to have won and you must, you must, you must increase you bust if you want to get along in the life of the community. Here, if you wear curlers to the Shoppin’ Baskit no one cares and the only person that notices is me and my family. We are getting over it.

I went to a meeting last week and three of the people there – two board members and the interim executive director – were in shorts. It seems that the dress code at work out here is “keep you private parts private.”

Keeping my privates private,


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