Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Melons are goood!

Melissa is back. It is nice to have the home educator back in the home as I am simply the home substitute teacher with all of the problems that the sub brought to your classes when you were a kid. I can turn my focus back on the remodeling of the house. The door from the new laundry room, the ceiling framing for the new laundry room and new boys’ room, a screen for Joy’s window and a new step are on the list for tomorrow! Maybe half will get done, but as my buddy Jerry Pittman always said – if you’re shootin’ at nothing you’ll hit it every time.

Watermelon has been a treat almost every night this summer. Last night we had fried chicken from Best Fried Chicken in Coleman and followed that with watermelon. We had the summer’s best watermelon Saturday night. The whole melon tasted like the heart. As we are getting closer to the end of summer the rinds are getting smaller and the red melons are getting sweeter. The last yellow melon we had was so ripe it was breaking open. With as many folks as we have we go through a big melon every night and then throw the rinds over the fence into the future orchard area. I taught Melissa how to throw a few weeks ago and she has been trying to get better at her aim every evening. The rest are all learning how to throw or have learned how. Tonight I worked with Claire and it turns out she is a lefty. Melissa says this will be good to know for school. I think we make fun of the lefties and force them to stand in the corner until they become right handers. At least that is what I think we do.


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