Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No More Bandit

A tragic, foul and crappy evening. We had all just come in and the kids were getting ready for bed. I had just cleaned out the coffee maker and was pouring water into the coffee pot when Melissa and I heard Bandit yelp. We heard him yelp two or three more times and then never heard more from him again. The dog that loved to chase cars got tagged by a pick-up this evening. The truck broke Bandit’s back. Melissa, Stephen and I got to him first. I was the only one with shoes on at first and went to him. He was in the ditch and in pain. His breathing was labored and there was blood trickling from his mouth.

Bandit’s back was broken about two inches in front of his hind legs. The hind legs were not moving. At first Bandit tried to move to get to me, but with only his front legs to lift him he fell back in the ditch. The young man that hit Bandit was very upset. I know it was hard for him as he told us he is a dog lover and he had to watch a parade of crying Nelsons come out to say good-bye to their dog as he died. The young man’s uncle came down to help and we got a piece of plywood to lift Bandit from the ditch and put him in the neighbor’s car. He took care of shooting Bandit. Thank God for good neighbors. Tomorrow I will go and get the body and we will bury him somewhere here on the property.


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Susan Linville said...

Hi Melissa ~ It is me...Susan Linville. We met at Suzanne Nassers b-day party! :) I like to pop in and read once a week!
I am so sorry about your dog. It is really hard when you witness a dog suffering. My little doxie died several months ago and I cried like a blubbering baby...sniff..sniff...
I think of ya'll often and smile when I think of your hubby breaking free of Corporate America!
YEAH!!! :)
Blessings ~ Susan