Sunday, August 28, 2005

Not sure what this is about

I am not at home this evening. I am at my last hurrah in City Management as I am judging a bunch of award nomination packages for the Municipal League here in Austin. So, I am stuck here in a suite of my own at the Austin Renaissance Arboretum Hotel. I have turned up the air conditioning to about 82 degrees and I took warm shower, not a hot one. I am very comfortable. I have already been to the exercise room and after not jogging or doing any other type of cardio since June I had my best run in ages, possibly ever. I lifted after the run and feel great. Melissa and I have talked about how I am considering this farming thing we’re doing as a sport. Staying in shape and hydrated are, to me, key to farming and sports. The result is that my cardio shape seems to be as good as it has ever been.

I also have TV here and am watching CNN and Fox as Hurricane Katrina comes toward New Orleans. They are expecting storm surges in excess of 25 feet. In Gulf Shores, AL, the storm surge is expected to be 20 feet. Last year’s Hurrican Ivan had a 12 foot storm surge that nearly destroyed Gulf Shores. Losses are being predicted at $15 to $30 billion. If you have not started praying for these folks better start. It is looking grim. The surfing is also great in Gulf Shores. It is almost funny listening to the Fox anchor talking to the Mayor of Mobile about the surfers and why he isn’t doing anything.

There are now two anchors talking about the surfer and wondering how he could do such a thing and “has he no idea how much danger he is in?” How dumb are these anchors? Of course the guy knows how dangerous, that is exactly why he is out there.


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