Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Mitchell and I were making great progress on the remodel in the garage when the project came to a screeching halt. The spots in the roof where you could see daylight were plugged, the receptacles were marked and wire pulled to serve them. This was one of those days when we were set to go far. Until I put a nail into the palm of my hand.

Mitchell and I were framing up small walls for closets. He had cut the pieces as I had pulled wire and he was holding one end while I used the air hammer to nail the base and sole plates into the studs. These walls are only two feet long, so they were easy to handle. I pulled the trigger on the nail gun and it shot two nails into the sole plate. The recoil from the first nail pushed the nail gun away from the board as the second nail fired. It entered my left hand in the middle of the palm and stopped when it hit the bones to my ring finger. I couldn’t get in to see a doctor for about 4 hours and so decided to just skip that expense. We have it wrapped in bandages and coated with triple antibiotic ointment. It is sore, not surprisingly, and it is hard to use the ring finger as I type or do anything at all. Still, I am so thankful to have this injury as had the nail not gone into my hand it would have hit Mitchell. For where he was standing and the angle of the nail it would have struck somewhere in upper body or head/face and this would be a very different post.

Since I can’t get much real work done we are shifting our plans and going to Grapevine tomorrow to paint a room or two so our house will sell.


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