Sunday, August 21, 2005

Seek And You Shall Find

We've been church hunting. We've been praying for guidance to find the right church and have been trying different churches each week. Coleman boasts of being home to 22 churches. They are mostly all small. And while we respect our elders and know we can learn much from them, the kids and I were all hopeful to be able to meet some people closer to our own ages at a church, too. We've been to a couple of churches where our family would more than double the number of kids. Nice people! But we were hoping for a youth group.

We were driving around town the other day just looking at stuff. (We found a park with what looks like a fun playground!). It seemed I kept passing this one church and thinking we should visit there. Then I would tell myself, "NO. No more tiny churches." A day or so later Roger tells me someone invited us to that same church. And he said they have a youth group. So, okay, I'll try it. But this is the last tiny church. There are a couple of churches in town with an average attendance of 100 or so people. We can go to one of those if we don't like this last teeny church.

So we arrive a bit later than we'd hoped and there are cars everywhere! Then Clark yells, "they must have children's church 'cause there's a playground!" Well, I hadn't noticed the playground before. Hmm. There's hope. Then I see a couple of kids peeking through a window. Then we walk in and there are young people everywhere! There are people of all ages there! And it wasn't nearly as small as I had expected it to be. We enjoyed the service. They're having a revival this week so it wasn't the usual pastor preaching, but it was good. After the service I went to get Clark from children's church. As I caught up with my family I saw they were visiting with the youth pastor. It turns out he's been praying for someone who plays hockey! (We've been praying since before we moved that we'd find some way for Stephen to keep playing hockey even if it meant he had to teach some people how! Mind you, we don't have "hockey players" in our criteria for a church, but it does answer a prayer!) I think we all felt that "this is it" feeling at some point today.

Well, I've got a revival meeting to get ready for! If I meet any homeschoolers there, I'll KNOW this is it.


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