Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Shooting turtles, sparing spiders and hunting poultry

This evening was varmint eradication night at the pond. It went ok as Stephen and I think we got about four or five turtles. It was very difficult at twilight to look for the dark spot in water and the little it of a head poking out. Tomorrow Stephen and I are going when the sun is high. I want to get some of the water moccasins we know are out there, but they are cagey punks that do not show themselves as readily as the turtles.

Stephen has a better eye for spotting the little buggers than I do, but I have a bit better aim than him. At least we think that is the case and it is kind of hard to figure out if you’ve hit a turtle in the evening. Right now it is getting even darker and I must go put away the chickens……..took longer than I thought it would as one of the roosters is missing. No big deal really since it turns out that of the 10 chickens we have, seven of them are roosters. We are going to slaughter here pretty soon as we are feeding animals that will do us no good in the long run. Did not even get a stinking egg tonight.

We have giant spiders at the farm. They have black legs and yellow/white/black bodies. Their webs always have a zig-zag pattern under the center where the spider wait for an unlucky meal. Normally I hate spiders, but I make and exception for these fellows as they get bigger than most birds and are just fascinating to watch. They really do get bigger than most birds, about the size of a dinner plate if allowed to get to full size. We have one in the future brooder and I am not too sure that the brooder might not have to wait for him to get old and die.


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Christine said...

wow, I am so jealous of you, I wish I lived on a farm!

Well, I mentioned a spider like this to my mom and she told me about "yours". I was wondering if you by any chance know what kind of spider it is.

Good luck and your puppy is ADORABLE!