Monday, August 01, 2005

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

Melissa gets back tomorrow. This is a very good thing in my way of looking at the world. I do not care for cleaning, laundry or being a teacher, thus my desire to be a pig farmer. I do like building stuff and knocking other things down. I have not done any of that since she has been gone.

At the same time, I have had a pretty good time with the kids. We have been for a walk and done some fishing and we ate some good watermelon and fried chicken tonight. It is getting close to 10 though and as I type I hear Joy talking – loudly – down the hall. She has been in her bedroom for almost two hours for no good reason it seems.

Went to put up the chickens tonight and the dog spotted a rabbit, dang he can move when he wants to. He chased that rabbit for a good 200 yards and was gaining on the thing. The rabbit got out under a fence and Bandit had to stop. He immediately began chasing a car down the road for another run of a good 400 yards and then back to me for another 200 yards. He was ready to go again. To be such an athlete as my dog would be great.

I forgot to out up the chickens until about 10:15 last night and I could not find my flashlight. So the dog and I went for a stroll in the dark to the adjacent field. It is at times like these that I really hate the movie Signs. In particular there are three scenes I hate now that I am a farmer. The scene where the silhouette is on the barn, when mel Gibson and his brother go to chasing the thing and it just gets away and when Mel sees the foot in the corn field. I hate that movie. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

One more night and Melissa will be back to keep me safe from aliens as I sleep.


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