Monday, August 08, 2005

Small House Day

Today it rained. It really poured hard and the yard is very wet and muddy now. Fortunately, I spent the morning (before the rain) getting the sun porch cleaned up and about half the toys out of there so there was room to play with the toys that were left. When it started to rain, the first thing the kids did was run outside to play in the mud. I stopped them since I was just finishing washing (and re-washing) the clothes from the big mud fight last week.

Anyway, they had to come in and play with toys. They're all used to running all over the place now so that was hard. And to top it off, Sam was sleeping so they had to stay relatively quiet. Many arguments followed as we were all tripping over each other.

The kitchen felt really tiny with the girls finally doing breakfast dishes, Mitchell making his popcorn snack, and me baking bread. Then there's the stack of stuff that was going to go to the far barn today, but it's too muddy to drive out there right now.

On the bright side, it was cool enough to bake bread and it smells delicious.

I then took a break from the kitchen while dinner baked in the oven. The kids snuck outside. Roger is bathing the little ones right now so they can come to the table for dinner.

Hmm. I guess I have to learn how to get mudstains out of cloth diapers now.



heather said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I'm giving washing tips to a mother of 8 - really, you can delete my comments if you like.

And? Yes, I'm pretending I don't have dinner to put on the table or a daughter to pick up at dance, b/c I'm envisioning my 3 chil'ens frolicking in the mud and their once soft, cloth diapered bums.

I used to use a 10 gallon bucket with hot water and oxyclean and a dash of tea tree oil for a disinfectant. Soak overnight and pour into the washer to spin out and then wash.

And, of course - the sun is a nice bleacher.

heather said...

ahem - mother of 9