Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wal-Mart Meat Market

We have a twisted little family joke. When I see one of the kids doing something stupid I tell them, in as serious a tone as possible, that they should not do such a thing as whatever they are doing because that is how my brother, Jimmy, the one they never met, died. Jimmy has died many different ways. He has died from running with scissors, jumping off a chair, running with a knife, not going to sleep at night, not taking a nap, stuffing too much food in his mouth, swimming too soon after lunch, not washing his hands, running with a stick and climbing a tree without being careful. You get the idea.

There is another Jimmy story for another time when we tricked the kids in believing that Jimmy was real, but not today. Today was the day that the replacement of Bandit began. We went to the Brownwood Wal-Mart and out at the end of the parking lot was the row of cars and trucks with dogs being given away. Now I look at the loss of Bandit as a chance to get a dog that is built for working on a farm. A shepherd of some sort, either a German, English, Anatolian, Australian or other. Perhaps a Blue Heeler or some kind of rough looking mutt that will do the job of herding and protecting will be the next animal for us.

With these thoughts in mind we ended up with a rat terrier this afternoon. He is a precious little dog and I am very glad we have him and wish he could come inside with us, but he is not the answer to our dog needs. So, I will troll the parking lot again tomorrow looking for the right animal. I feel sort of dirty pulling up to the trucks, checking out their wares and trying to determine which of the pieces of flesh will best serve my needs. But hey, on a rainy afternoon without football this is about as good as it gets.

Why the story of Jimmy to open this crummy post? The dog is now named Jimmy. It was the winner over Wally, Gomez, Bill, Larry, Pedro and Fecamint. Jimmy is sleeping on the porch and I am trying to decide if I should get him off the porch and into the office in the workshop or if I should just leave him out there sleeping. I do not know what I will do…….(tune in tomorrow)


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