Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fishin' Dawgs and Rugby Chicks

We named the rat terrier after Jimmy, my imaginary brother that was always dying in order for the kids to have a real life example of what could happen to you if you did something bad. Today might have been our first indication of how appropriate this name was for the dog. I was on the phone with UPS discussing how to get to my house since they don’t where we live and I hear Stephen yelling about the dog. He comes bustin’ into the room and says, “Jimmy has a hook in his mouth.” We go out the door – the phone is cordless – and chase him down and sure enough, Jimmy has a fishhook in his mouth and the fishing rod is trailing along behind him. I sent Stephen in to get scissors to cut the hook loose from the rod and asked the UPS customer service rep if I was still needed as I had to get a fishing hook out of a dog.

We carried Jimmy into the house – this was the second time he has gotten to come in. I knew there would be a way, over time, to break down Melissa’s resolve to keep the dogs out. Stephen left the dog work to Melissa and me. The first round involved cutting the hook off as the tip of the hook had gone all the way through his dog lip and was poking out the other side. I held him and Melissa cut the hook in half. She was worried that in pulling the hook the rest of the way she was going to yank out his hairs and so we swapped with me pulling and her holding the dog. After a few minutes it became clear that pulling the hook was not working. Stephen advocated pulling it out the other way as that is what he does with fish. I disagreed and we decided to push it through, rather than pull it through. The hook popped through and Jimmy was let loose. (We have a catch and release policy here at the Panivino Ranch.)

After church we all went out the brooder (except Mitchell who needed to come inside and be alone after an hour with people) to watch our favorite show – chicks gone wild. In tonight’s episode Clark, Stephen, Faith and Claire caught crickets and tossed them into the brooder. A chick would grab it and other chicks would chase after the first one trying to get the cricket away. It was a lot like rugby. Eventually we had four chicks with crickets getting chased around in the brooder. When you only get one channel, and that one not very well, you make your own fun.

One final animal note: Kat is doing fine and we have gone ahead and purchased cat food for her as I am the only one in the family still believing that we should dump her in town.


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