Thursday, September 08, 2005

Home Depot has spoken

Jimmy is fine. Thank you for your cards and letters.

I spent three hours and $1200 at the Home Depot in Brownwood. We now have all the supplies we need to get the boys’ room drywall completed and the materials for the upgrade of the electrical system. We have the water softener and the whole house filter. We do not have the water heaters as they do not stock the 50 gallon models in propane, just electric and natural gas. I am supposed to get a call from “Wade” tomorrow when we will find out if GE makes a 50 gallon propane in the nine year warranty family. Fascinated yet?

Anyway, I am walking around Home Depot and notice that the directional sign for aisle 3 says “Drywall” and “Drywall Tools” instead of “Sheetrock” and “Sheetrock Tools.” The biggest single purchaser in the world of drywall/sheetrock calls it drywall. That pretty much ends the discussion. Sorry to spoil that chat line for everyone.

Mitchell caught a scorpion yesterday. It was put in a jar we have for venomous insects. Stephen and Clark added three crickets to the jar this morning. This evening there is a dead cricket, two live crickets and a partial scorpion in the jar. If there are any entomologists around, please let me know if this is really possible. The scorpion struck one of the crickets – the kids saw it happen. It could just be that our crickets are hopped up on crystal meth.

We have a wire spool sitting on our property about 75 yards from the house. It has the remnants of an old beehive in it. Yesterday Claire came in all excited as it turns out it is not a dormant beehive anymore. I may have a free beehive set up ready to go once I get boxes built. Just put on the funny bee suit and get the queen and move her to a new house. Hopefully they are not Africanized bees.


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