Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jinxing Myself?

Saturday night I was talking to Roger about how I haven't seen any of those tarantula-sized wolf spiders in the house for a while. I was glad of that because Samuel has been waking up more at night and I have to walk through a dark house to get him--barefooted!

Then Sunday night at church someone was telling me to watch out for rattlesnakes because our closest neighbor had found one in one of the kids' bedrooms. I commented that we had seen two or three when we first moved in, but nothing since then.

Then later Sunday night I heard the THUMP THUMP in the hall. That's the sound of someone trying to kill a spider with a shoe, but it keeps getting away. He got it though. Roger had seen one of those huge things running across the hall. Okay, I thought to myself, but still no rattlesnakes.

Monday afternoon Roger needed to relieve some stress so he took the guns and went off to do some target practice. Suddenly Clark comes running in crying and says, "Mom, I saw a snake and it was really fat." I asked him what it looked like. He said it had diamonds on it. Ugh. So I made Claire watch Sam and had Clark show me where it was. I was expecting it to be long gone, but figured I should at least look around. Of course, I had no clue what I was going to do if I saw it. So he tells me it was near Dad's suburban. I look and sure enough, there it is. I thought it looked really fat too, like perhaps it had just eaten. It's middle was rather lumpy looking. And it was sound asleep. I was amazed at how calm I was. I sent Clark to go get Stephen and Mitchell and he left. I stood there staring at this snake with my measly flip flops on. I had a thousand thoughts running through my mind.

"I've got to quit wearing flip flops. My foot could get bit!"

"Roger has the gun. But what would I do with it if he didn't? Shoot at the snake and hit the suburban?"

"It's awfully close to the tire. Maybe I can run it over."

"How could I get past the snake to run it over with FLIP FLOPS on?"

"Where are those boys? What's taking so long?"

Then Clark came back without either of his brothers. I sent him back again and then Stephen and Mitchell came out pretty quickly. Of course, they wanted to shoot it. But we couldn't do that--no guns AND it's too close to the suburban. It still wasn't moving although I knew it was alive because I'd seen it flick it's tongue a bit.

Finally we decided that I would get in the suburban from the passenger side while they watched to see if it moved. I started it up and the snake kept sleeping. (I really believe God was helping us out.) I rolled about 9 inches forward and the boys said stop. I had him trapped under the tire.

We felt horrible watching the poor thing struggle to get away, but not horrible enough. They are poisonous, you know! It was stuck with it's head just barely poking out, but lots of tail coming out the other side. It rattled. There's something really spooky about that sound. The kids all came out to see it. I want them to know that sight by heart so they know to be careful of them. Then Stephen used some sort of a tool with a flat metal piece on the end and a long handle (I think they use it to tear out tile, concrete, or whatever.) and chopped into it. It began to bleed. Another chop at the same spot and it came apart. It had 8 rattles. I really wanted to leave the dead snake there for Roger to find. I thought that would be funny. But we just couldn't do it. He came back and we showed him. The next morning Stephen backed up the Suburban and disposed of the rest. The kids all got to look at the fangs first.

Silly me. I then thought--didn't say it out loud--at least we still aren't seeing any scorpions. Sigh. Guess what. Roger saw one run across the kitchen Tuesday night. Then last night we were sitting in the living room talking and this HUGE scorpion ran out from between us. I was barefooted so I had Roger get up and stomp it.

So rather than being glad that I'm not seeing things running around or slithering around here anymore, we have started praising God that we find them before they hurt anyone. God is good and is keeping us safe. We are grateful for that.

And I am praying that He will just send them away!



susie said...

Oh my.

I had another woman on another list say that they have been successful keeping scorpions away by using a black and decker ultrasonic device. I think that this link will work.>

The Nelsons said...

We tried that. Actually we have those in the house now. I guess that they aren't working.

Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are wearing shoes now ;-)

Take care.