Friday, September 09, 2005

Killing Cones Found!

Life in the country is pretty simple. You shake out your shoes before putting them on and always check before pushing something over or lifting it. You need killing cones you go to the poultry supplier and see that you can buy them there for $30. After looking at them you realize these look an awful lot like traffic cones and those are free if you are driving in the right part of the country. Just kidding. We Googled it and found killing traffic cones for $6.

We now have the cones, sharper knives and a set of plans for a plucker. We have a scalding system that is not very good, but a friend of ours is looking for an old, unwanted turkey fryer and we are relatively certain something will turn up before too long. Another friend has noted that in her past they scalded turkeys over an open flame. This sounds appealing except that Sam, Joy and Clark are all spazzes and we would have singed kids and have to break from our work frequently with an open flame. Jimmy is also a spaz and would be a flaming terrier within half a bird. If any of you have an old turkey fryer, with the pot, that you want to get rid of, let us know and we will be happy to help you clean out your garage.

Measured the route from the house to the far barn and it is almost exactly 1/2 mile. Round trip would be - drumroll - one mile. Stephen is in charge of mowing and keeping the path and a swath to the sides mowed is his job. I am looking forward to running in the mornings or at lunch or some other time. I know I am in shape for much of the work here, I just want to make sure I am in good cardio shape.

Right now, though, I am dog tired as this has been a long day of construction type of work in a furnace we like to call the old garage. Tomorrow we try to make the outside look a bit better. It could be much worse, I could be having to put on a tux and go the Wine Tribute at the Hilton tomorrow night. I will take this life over that one every time.


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