Wednesday, September 14, 2005

little box, little house, #%*#@ chicken tractor

Did you miss us? Did you even notice we were gone?

Today’s blessing came in a small box that was in a big brown truck. What can brown do for you? It can bring me a gift! My buddy, Will Wickman, had a tankless water heater he’d gotten at Elliott’s as they were going under and he gave it to me. It got here today and it is small. It also needs a pair of 40 amp double pole breakers to make it work. At least that is how I read the instructions. I will get Herman to help me out with that one. This means that we have to buy only one water heater! It is good that we are upgrading our electrical service to 200 amps.

Today Claire and I went shopping at Home Depot and Tractor Supply. Tractor Supply is quickly becoming a new favorite. We have a Tractor Supply kind of store here in Coleman called Coopers and it is a good place to shop too. I bought a bunch of stuff for a chicken tractor today at the three stores named above. We really need to get a trailer. I drug four 16 foot stock panels home from Cooper’s this afternoon. Stock panels are welded wire fence panels. The wire is not rigid and was dragging on the ground behind the truck. It is about a mile and half from home to Cooper’s if you use the back roads, which I did. The panels sorta smoothed out the dirt roads. I am just glad I was smart enough to not try getting the dang things from Brownwood to home as I would still be making the drive.

The chicken tractor? I thought it would be smart to use pressure treated lumber to make the frame. Wrong. Treated lumber is wet and because of that the screws don’t bite into it and it can’t withstand the torque from the stock panels that are being bent to make a roof for the chickens. Tomorrow I get regular wood and start all over.

Tomorrow night the preacher and his wife and their kids are coming over for dinner. In some ways I get the feeling I am stuck in a Little House on the Prairie episode. Hopefully, Nelly won’t come over and spoil the day for Laura and Mary. This would be pre-blind Mary as we aren’t prepared for all of the angst of the later Little House episodes.


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Anonymous said...

I missed you. Kept checking every day for the latest saga. =)

~~Teresa N~~