Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pictures again

Joy and Katrina
Originally I was just going to upload a picture of the chicken tractor with the chicks in it. But while I was out there with the camera, Katrina (the cat) went running to Joy. I went to snap a picture of them together when Joy picked up the cat, turned around and asked, "Is this how you hold the cat, Mom?" as she held the cat with it's rear sticking out. I had to upload that pic too.

Hippie Chicks Tractor

And then here's our Hippie Chicks tractor. I'll let Roger tell you about it in the next blog.

As I was heading back to the house, the 3 oldest hens came running by me as fast as they could. I wondered what the hurry was until I turned around and saw one of the roosters running after them. I tried to take a pic, but it really needed video. Poor hens. I think they're looking forward to when we process some more roosters!

I also learned that flip flops, while great in my earliest years as a California girl on the beach, are not so great on the ranch. Mesquite thorns will poke straight through leaving both thorn and a piece of flip flop in your foot. I'm fine now though. ;-)


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