Monday, September 05, 2005


Several people have asked for pictures to try to visualize what we're talking about. So when I had the camera out to take pictures of Katrina the cat, I took pictures of several things for you.

before pic of garage and breezeway

sheetrocking the laundry and boys' rooms

First is the "before" pic of our garage and breezeway. I stood by the wall to take this picture I think. I believe it is taken from about the same place that the second picture is taken. There is now a door where I stood for picture #2. In the first picture you are seeing the breezeway and door to the garage from the breezeway. (What we are calling a breezeway is simply an enclosed area connecting the garage to the house. It is connected to what was originally a garage and was converted.) Roger and the boys demolished most of what you see. They made the exterior walls line up between the two garages (old and newer) so it isn't a breezeway and garage, but one great big area. Then they framed in walls inside to create a bedroom and laundry room. They are in the process of drywalling (or sheetrocking) the two rooms now. At the time I took this, they had the ceiling pretty much done. You can see they still have a good sized stack leaning up against that center "wall" there.

Katrina the kitten

The next picture is Katrina (aka "Kat") who was named after a hurricane and is about as still and quiet as a hurricane. I'm assuming she cries all the time because she's hungry. She gets quiet between feedings now. Taking a picture of her was tough! I got lots of blurry shots of something moving.


The last picture is the chicks in their brooder. I was going to post one of the brooder from the outside showing our roosters underneath in the shade of the truck and then one of the cute little chicks up close, but dial up takes just short of eternity to load a picture so this one has to do.

I was going to post a picture of the current dining room/boys' room, but again, dial up is sooo slow. So just imagine your typical garage. Now, where there is often a step up in a garage, that's been walled in to make a small laundry room and a closet with a water heater in it. There's also a railing around a "landing" by the door that leads to the house (this garage is enclosed, but still feels very garage-y so it still feels to me like you're entering the house rather than just moving from room to room.) So in what is left, we have a refrigerator, a freezer, our large dining room table, and two sets of bunkbeds. There's enough room for all this, but it's not a very private bedroom yet. The new boys' room will be done soon though. I'm sure they are glad! This odd garage-y feeling room will be our new kitchen and dining room. Then we'll turn the current kitchen into a larger living room. Hopefully it will be big enough to have a sofa again. I'll post a picture of these spaces as we work on them so you can see before and after pics--or at least before and "where we're at now" pics.


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