Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sweat Bath

The high today in our area was 102. We were getting used to days in the low 90’s and upper 80’s with nighttime lows in the upper 60’s. Early fall in Coleman, at least this year, is kind of like life in an oven. We still do not have any AC for the house and the cooler weather with such a jump to hot was not appreciated. The rain from Rita was really nice to have. Oh, wait, we didn’t get any rain from Rita. I had hoped to gain at least a little precipitation off the misery of a couple of million folks down along the gulf. Well, at least the convenience store industry in southeast Texas is having a great quarter.

We purchased our water heater today and I will pick it up on Friday. The electrical panel is in place and all of the existing circuits as well as five new ones are wired and ready for the electric coop to come in and hook us up. Tomorrow morning is going to be all about getting the service entrance ready, which will involve cutting a hole in our metal roof. I am a bit nervous about this, but believe that if I am patient and move slowly it will all work out well. Kind of like facing down an angry dog – just act calm and don’t make any sudden moves. With the service entrance in place we will be ready to have the house wired. Hopefully we will be there by Friday.

I will also get the water heater that day and hope to get the trench for the water line cut next weekend. It is feasible that we will have hot water flowing through our pipes in the next 10 days. Then it will be on to the heating and air conditioning. We are getting close to normal in at least some areas.



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. As a city girl, who now lives in the suburbs, I love reading about life in the country (without having to actually live it). I know Melissa from Horizon Homeschoolers (Hi Melissa!). I wish you all the best in your new life.

Jen in Flower Mound

Mama26blessings said...

Just popped by to say "HI!"
Have a great rest of the week!!
God bless!!