Friday, September 30, 2005

Three squared is nine

And number nine should be arriving in May!

We're due May 22. We've suspected this for a while since I've been feeling so sick, but now it's been confirmed by a pregnancy test.

Just wanted to share the good news! And of course, we'd appreciate any prayers for a healthy baby and healthy (easy!) delivery. We're not sure yet what we'll do about a midwife, but we have time to figure that out.

Roger is outside right now digging a trench to get better water to the house. I'm off to take him some ice water. Praise God for the cooler weather, but it's still pretty hot if you're out in the sun!



Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nelsons!!! Our prayers will be with you.

Ann Gregory

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Melissa and Roger! We are so happy for you. We wish you a healthy pregnancy. This couldn't happen to a nicer family.

Jen Kirby

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! No greater gift than a new baby!

Teresa Napper

Anonymous said...

We are expecting #5 in late May, as well! How fun...

Tiffany Westmoreland